Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review of NettleCarrier's self titled

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But this album

1. The Boiling Blood
2. Paa Vaare Paaler deres hoder
3. I Helvete Kristus Skal Forgaa
4. Naar Han Vaakner
5. Demoriel
6. Cup Of Lethe
7. Bundet Til Masten

NettleCarrier is freezing cold, satanic black metal at its best. It’s true, it’s Norwegian. Starring T. Ciekals (Djevel, Ljå), Mannevond (Koldbrann, Urgehal) and Dirge Rep (Orcustus, Gehenna, Gorgoroth, Enslaved), this band has a great future ahead. The 7” vinyl “To Strangle The Hero Of Heaven”, released in 2007, was an eye opener for the underground scene and NettleCarrier is now ready to release their self-titled debut album September 21st 2012. NettleCarrier was formed in 2004 when T. Ciekals, at the time member of the band “Ljå”, moved to Oslo and teamed up with Mannevond from the infamous “Koldbrann”. “I had been in contact with Mannevond a few years back and we were both fans of each others bands.” – T. Ciekals. In 2002, Ljå and Koldbrann released a split, which marked the beginning of an eight year long journey. They had a burning desire to create a black metal band that did not sound like any other band, but with an older and more sinister sound. However, due to obligations to other bands and projects the plans developed slowly and almost stopped for a while. When Vold joined the band on drums things changed and the speed picked up for a short while. This resulted in the 7” vinyl "To Strangle The Hero Of Heaven" released by ”Sathanas In Gloriam Productions”. Shortly after, Vold left the band When Mannevond started Urgehal and T. Ciekals formed ”Djevel, NettleCarrier was put on ice for almost three years. “I left Ljå in 2007 to focus on Djevel and Mannevond was busy with Urgehal, but NettleCarrier wasn’t dead, only buried for a while. – T. Ciekals. After the Djevel album was released, T. Ciekals was finally able to focus on NettleCarrier again. In 2010, Dirge Rep joined the band on drums and they made the decision to record a full-length album. “"I liked the 7" and I also wrote the lyrics for the songs, so i was more than willing to join the band when I was asked"– Dirge Rep. Without the possibility of rehearsing together, as the band was based both in Oslo and Stavanger, NettleCarrier went in Caliban Studios with Ruben Willem as producer to record the album without ever being in the same room together. “I just sent the demoes of the songs to Dirge and Mannevond and I was certain that there would be no problem to just meet up in the studio and record the songs. Dirge Rep, being an extremely talented drummer, did all the songs in 10 hours without ever rehearsing. That’s possession for you!” - T. Ciekals. The name NettleCarrier means spreader of death and the self-titled album contains seven crushing tracks of pitch black, satanic black metal. The extremely talented artist Truls Espedal made the cover art for the album. NettleCarrier’s self-titled debut is out via Indie Recordings September 21st 2012.

I like the fact that this album has no intro and goes straight into the epic black metal of the first track, “The Boiling Blood.” I like the guitars on this track as they are very grim. The slow part half way through was evil sounding as well. I’m not sure what “Paa Vaare Paaler deres hoder” means, but I know it has to do with head. The opening riff is a little repetitive taking up two minutes of this track. The part after is really dark and slow and the voice over top made it even more so. I kind of wish the riffs were a little more different since this track is nearly seven minutes long. The next track “I Helvete Kristus Skal Forgaa,” meaning “In Hell, Christ Will Perish,” has very catchy guitars. The riff half way through was very old school black metal, which was amazing.

The beginning riff with the faint scream was nice to start off “Naar Han Vaakner,” or “When He Wakes.” The track seems slower than the rest but it doesn’t take away from the grim black feel. The bit half way through with the faint painful voices was very creepy but great. The drum bit to start off “Demoriel” was nice and goes right into the catchy feel of the grim riffs. The bit two thirds of the way in was very menacing and I like how the drums flowed with the riff.

“Cup Of Lethe” is a very short track, but it is brutal the whole way through. I especially like the riff near the end of it. To end the album we have “Bundet Til Masten” or “Tied to the Mast” in English. This track starts with a very cold and evil riff, which is a great way to end the album. There are catchy riffs throughout but they also keep a very dark feel. The riff that played out the album is definitely my favourite riff on the album.

This is definitely a very refreshing album after the storm of doom metal that flooded out earlier this month. It was nice to be able to review some black metal for a change. With members from various popular bands this is a super group you don’t want to miss. I recommend picking up this album if you like black metal.

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