Monday, January 16, 2012

Review of The Thousandfold Epicentre by The Devil's Blood

1. Unending Singularity
2. On the Wings of Gloria
3. Die the Death
4. Within the Charnel House of Love
5. Cruel Lover
6. She
7. The Thousandfold Epicentre
8. Fire Burning
9. Everlasting Saturnalia
10. The Madness of Serpents
11. Feverdance

The Devil’s Blood is a two person group with members SL/TDB/A-O and F/TDB/MOS. I don’t exactly understand the acronyms but I am assuming that TDB is the name of the band. The band has been able to play many large concert venues and festivals such as The Webster Hall in New York City, the K17 in Berlin, Wacken Open Air, Hole In The Sky and Hellfest. The Thousandfold Epicentre is The Devil’s Blood’s second full length album. Since I don’t know exactly what to write about this album I will just give you a quote of what member SL/TDB/A-O, the founding member said about it.

“The Devil’s Blood are pleased to announce the conception of a new Litter to be cast upon the sacrificial flames of the bull-headed God that resides on the plane of Gehenna. Eleven new children shall pass through His flames to become reborn in Chaos when the eleventh of November comes to pass in this foul year of their lord, two thousand and eleven. We have taken 11 months to write and two months to record these monsters and to prepare, attach and inscribe the appropriate sigils, ornaments, chimes and bells upon these young-lings before releasing their serpentine malignity upon the world…”

The first two times I listened to this band, I feel I was too harsh on my opinions against them. The third time I gave this album a listen, I finally dug deeper into the individual parts of the band. I’m very picky with the female vocalists in metal bands I like, but The Devil’s Blood is okay in my books. I am not a huge fan of the cult rock scene but after few listens, it grew on me. The riffs are very catchy and the guitar solos fit in nicely along with the music as a whole. The Devil’s Blood gives off a great cult rock vibe which is relaxing but at the same time keeping it heavy. This album is worth listening to if you like the cult rock genre, but if you don’t  it may take you a few listens for it to grow on you. If I had to pick my favourite songs it would definitely be “On the Wings of Gloria”, “Die the Death”, and “Within the Charnel House of Love.”

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